Petrol Pump Owners Have Been Looting Us Since Long

UP STF has unearthed the nexus of petrol pump owners and trained technicians who has been tempering petrol dispensing machines to read wrong measurement.

As per reports, they are using electronic chip whip could be programmed for wrong measurement through remote sensing device. Petrol dispensing machines are programmed to ejaculate petrol in lesser quantity than being paid for. 5-10 percent fuel has been reduced than the purchased quantity.

petrol pump chip

Expected Amount of Theft is Huge 

There are more than 60000 petrol pumps across the country. UP alone has more than 4000 petrol pumps. Total sale per day in India is around 8 crore litres. Amount of sale of petroleum products from petrol pump around the country is about Rs. 500 Crores per day. If an average of 80 percent petrol pumps are malfunctioning and selling 5% less quantity, the amount is coming out a loot of Rs. 20 crores per day across the country. Scam of Rs. 7500 crores per year is going on by these petrol pumps.

How to be vigilant on petrol pumps

The oldest known technique is to tweak the petrol pump meter.These tweaked meters show false reading and often render less fuel. Most of petrol pumps are using this technique to measure you less quantity of petrol.

A petrol pump owner is legally bound to consult a mechanic from the oil company. But in most of the cases they hire local mechanics intentionally who make it easy for them to tamper it. The only solution is to fill fuel from different stations and keep watching mileage to find out lesser corrupt petrol station.

You can find out in petrol pumps the practice of over staffing though petrol pump owner commission is merely 1%. They may not be able to hire more staff within this profit. One person is filling your vehicle while another is there to collect the money and sometimes third one for talking with you to distract from the process.

Do Not order in Lump sum Amount 

This is general practice to order in lump sum amount like 200, 500, 1000 etc. to avoid the problem of change of currency. Petrol pumps are using this psychology of customers and they already programmed the machine for such lump sum amount. It provide them ease to cheat. Do not order in lump sum amount rather either purchase in litres or in unpredicted amount like Rs.220, 530, 410 etc.

payment on petrol pumps

Do not Disclose Amount Before Putting Machine at Zero

It is advisable not to disclose your amount of order rather ask attendant to put the machine at Zero. After ensuring that he put the machine to zero, ask, him to feed the amount of dispensing. Also one need to take care while ordering “full tank” that auto cut has been implemented before start of dispensing the fuel.

Long Pipes Dispenses Less Fuel

petrol pump pipes

Most of petrol pumps save petrol by using long pipes. It is advised that one should station their vehicles at a very short distance from the machine. Petrol pump attendants should be asked to not press the nozzle button while the petrol is being filled as this can slow down the flow of the fuel. After the fuel flow is stopped, the attendants usually ask to fill more fuel to make it round figure, refrain from such suggestions,

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