Love Story of 17-year-old Sachin Tendulkar And 22-year-old Anjali Mehta

November 16, 2013 was the day when Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar completed 24 years of his career and decided to retire.


In his address to all his fans, he said

He thanked his Father and Mother for taking care of him, he thanked his wife Anjali for sacrificing her career for his dreams and taking care of their children & family. 

I want to thank all the people who have supported me endlessly, whether I scored a zero or I scored 100 plus. I’ve met so many guys who’ve prayed for me, fasted for me and done all sorts of things for me. You know, without all that, life wouldn’t have been like this for me.

Sachin commands an unmatched fan following that is unique in the world cricket. ‘Sachin! Sachin! Sachin! Sachin!’ is a cheer that echoed in the stadium every time he stepped on to the field.

While Sachin's achievements and controversies are well known to all, their is much on the other side which is not known to many - especially the love story of  Sachin and Anjali.

Sachin and Anjali

Love At First Sight

Anjali Mehta went to airport to pick her mother along with her friend, It was at the airport where this medical student Anjali saw Sachin and was floored by his "cute looks". Love-At-First-Sight

Anjali once confessed at the launch of Sachin’s autobiography in 2014,  that “I said to my friend, he is so cute and then I ran after to him"

They Went Closer

Anyhow Anjali got the number of Sachin and called him.

and said "I am Anjali and I saw you at the airport. Sachin said he remembered me. Then she asked for the colour she was wearing, Sachin said it was an orange colour T-shirt."

Sachin Tendulkar

Anjali also remembered her meeting with Sachin, in her first meeting she visited Sachin's house as a journalist. "He was a bit hesitant, and said 'how can a girl can come to my house', it was Anjali’s sister who guessed something is wrong about the interview.

Sachin was so embarrassed and did not even look at Anjali.

Sachin and Anjali's love story went on for 5 years before they decided to marry. Anjali was 6 years older to Sachin but that was never a concern to both.

Movie Date Got Ruined

As Sachin was famous since his career start, he always had a tough time in going out with Anjali. Sachin believed that his fans will not let him to have his private time, so he used to wear fake beard and glasses whenever he went out.

On one such date with Anjali, where the duo went to watch movie Roja along with their friends, the group left the movie midway. Sachin’s specs fell during the interval and his fans recognize him and surrounded him for autographs.

To avoid such things they started to write letters to each other.


Sachin and Anjali got engaged in New Zealand in 1994. Anjali was to do the job to tell his family, Anjali said for Sachin telling his family was scarier than facing the fastest of the bowlers.

The two got married on 24th May 1995.

Sachin and Anjali Marriage

Anjali said , "Except Sachin I’ve not known any other person in my life. She said that I understand him so well that whether I am his girlfriend or his wife, for me it’s the same thing, 

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