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Apple is one of the best leading brands on the market. Although the price offered by Apple tablet is quite high. With the amount, the features and specifications of the device are also useful. iPads to serve you with better features.

Compare apple tablet before buying from the market. Apple Tablets Price List Online has been brought down to help the

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Updated on: 19th January 2020

List Of Best Apple Tablets Online in India

Apple Tablets Models Price
Apple iPad 6 Rs. 26,728
Apple iPad Mini 3 4G 128GB Rs. 52,900
Apple iPad 4 128GB Rs. 49,900
Apple iPad Air 2 Rs. 38,600
Apple iPad Mini 2 3G 32GB Rs. 31,900
Apple iPad Mini 3 128GB Rs. 48,899
Apple iPad mini 3 4G Rs. 38,450
Apple iPad Air 3G Rs. 37,500
Apple iPad Pro 256GB Rs. 75,900
Apple Pad Pro 10.5 inch 4G 64GB Rs. 61,400