Sony Pendrive 8gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb Price List In India & Comparison

Pen drives have been very essential to store data. If you want one soon you can get it from stores nearby or for more convenience you can visit online websites. The online stores will provide you complete information about the pen drives present in the market. Then, as per the capacity you require choose the one which is good for

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Updated on: 19th February 2020

List Of Best Sony pendrives Online in India

Sony pendrives Models Price
Sony Micro Vault U Click USM16GU/W 16 GB Pen Drive Rs. 4,410
Sony Type-C & A Dual-Connection USB 3.1 64 GB Flash Drive Rs. 2,999
Sony Micro Vault Entry USB 3.0 64GB Pen Drive Rs. 2,025
Sony Type-C & A Dual-Connection USB 3.1 32 GB Flash Drive Rs. 1,994
Sony Micro Vault Click 32GB Pen Drive Pen Drive Rs. 1,681
Sony Micro Vault 32 GB OTG Pen Drive Rs. 1,670
Sony 64GB Pendrive Rs. 1,379
Sony MicroVault USM-OTG-SA1 16GB Pen Drive Rs. 1,069
Sony Micro Vault USM-32W 32GB Pen Drive Rs. 1,049
Sony 16GB OTG Pendrive Rs. 950