Latest Samsung Mobile Phones Price List & Comparison In India

Samsung is a globally acclaimed electronics company manufacturing a wide range of superb mobile phones such as dual SIM Samsung mobile phones, 4G phones, smart mobile phones, ultra HD/4K mobile phones, etc. It is a fantastic performance of each of its captivatingly designed and sophisticatedly built smart mobile phones that has best owed Samsung a prestigious niche in the electronic

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Updated on: 19th February 2020

List Of Best Samsung Mobiles Online in India

Samsung Mobiles Models Price
Samsung Galaxy Star Advance Rs. 7,078
Samsung Metro 313 Rs. 1,999
Samsung Metro 313 Rs. 2,120
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs. 65,900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs. 57,900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs. 57,900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs. 57,900
Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Rs. 5,999
Samsung Metro 313 Rs. 2,200
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rs. 61,900

Features & Samsung Mobile Price in India

Everyone in India wants today the high-speed 4G phone so you too can’t remain behind and definitely would like to buy a wider-screened, multi-featured smart Samsung mobile 4G phone at low price. But you should take into account a few crucial factors prior to buying online any Samsung mobile 4G phone such as screen size, RAM, ROM, camera pixels, so and so forth. As all the mobile phones today come with dual SIM slots you should consider only dual SIM Samsung mobile phones focusing on dual SIM Samsung mobile prices. Samsung mobile price in Indian market is too high but on Amazon and Flipkart even the costliest smart Samsung mobile 4G phones can be bought online at a minimum price.  

Strong Connectivity of Samsung mobile 4G Phone

On coming across a plethora of multi-featured sophisticatedly built smart mobile phones you may get a little bit confused. But do not take any decision in haste. You rather should contemplate on the connectivity feature before comparing the 4G dual SIM Samsung mobile price on Amazon and Flipkart. You should view, compare and analyze the exceptional features including connectivity of your choicest dual SIM Samsung mobile 4G phone. If there is a powerful connectivity specification then even 2G or 3G mobile phones would serve with amazing speed and its purchase on e-commerce sites would in this way be a great deal with strong connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So instead of jumping straight onto comparing low Samsung mobile price in India, you must analyze the connectivity feature of the selected Samsung mobile 4G phone.

The newly manufactured Samsung mobile 4G phones are being endowed with many exceptional features and Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of them that helps in online payment of bills through its inbuilt apps (Samsung Pay/Android), signifying the connectivity feature. Type C USB port also is an important connective feature and any smart Samsung mobile 4G phone we want to buy should have this feature.

RAM of Samsung Mobile 4G Phone - Be whatsoever model of Samsung mobile 4G phone you choose you must buy a high RAM 4G dual SIM Samsung mobile phone at affordable price. All the 4G Samsung mobile phones, equipped with 1GB to 4GB RAM, provide good speed which you should ensure by selecting an affordable Samsung mobile 4G phone going through the dual SIM Samsung mobile price, suiting your budget. RAM prevents sluggishness caused due to relentless use, low storage, cache stored in mobile, etc. 4G RAM Samsung mobile price in India though is high you can buy with heavy discount a smart Samsung mobile 4G phone at a lower price. Do not think of one SIM 4G phones for the low price as the dual SIM Samsung mobile price in India is too low for smart Samsung mobile 4G phones on Amazon and Flipkart.

The processor of Dual SIM Samsung Mobile 4G Phones - During an online search for a low priced 4G Samsung mobile phone you should zero in on the processor of best-priced 4G phone or any android phone you plan to place your order for. Considered to be a powerful brain of android phones/smartphone/4G mobile the processor is a multi-tasking feature allowing several pages to remain open on a mobile phone without affecting the speed and quality. If you are looking for a low priced Samsung mobile 4G phone or any dual SIM Samsung mobile priced much lower in India then you should select Octacore- processor phone dwelling on price and ensure that smart 4G phone is equipped with the Octa-core processor. If you want to purchase a hi-fi 4G Samsung mobile at best-price then 4G Samsung phone endowed with Exynos 9 or Exynos 7870 processor should be your choice. Exynos 9 is the latest core processor incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy S8 which matches in features with Samsung SD 835 known for its superb technology.  

Screen Display of Samsung Mobile 4G Phone - Wider-screen of smartphones is a sought-after feature which everyone curiously looks for desiring to buy not less than 5-inch screen sized Samsung mobile phone. So be whatever the budget of yours, you should purchase a wide-screen sized 4G dual SIM Samsung mobile phone with LCD/OLED display, the important features of Samsung smartphone. Besides, 2.5 HD/Full HD/QHD and Curved Screen are a few additional display features of 4G Samsung smartphones which you should be aware of.

The battery of Smart Samsung Mobile 4G Phone - The large glowing screen of 4G phones consumes the battery at large so the battery should not be less than 3000 mAh. Keep it remember that active screen consumes battery much faster which can be saved with a Super-AMOLED feature that should be on the mobile you purchase. So be alert for special screen specifications while going through the Samsung mobile price in India for purchasing the best smartphone.Samsung mobile 4G phones have powerful batteries lasting for several hours without requiring additional power-bank or to be put in charging mode. You might be inquisitive to know how the 4G Samsung mobile phone is unique from other average mobile phones. And the answer is it's not getting heated up easily and remaining cool even after relentless use. So select a brilliant smartphone with the high battery backup of not less than 3000mAH capacity.

The camera of Samsung Mobile 4G Dual SIM Phone - Samsung mobile price in India would no longer be an issue provided you contemplate on the technology of the Samsung mobile 4G phones. Available with high pixels camera the 4G dual SIM Samsung mobile phones provide crystal clear picture with absolute clarity of color, contrast, and sharpness. So purchase a low priced Samsung smart mobile phone but with high pixels. To let you select a best one we provide here a plethora of Full HD 4G Samsung mobile phones sharing their price and wonderful features. If you hold a smart 4G Samsung mobile at your handphone then you will never miss having a selfie with your beloved one, family and friends. So purchase a Samsung mobile phone with not less than 5-inch front camera and 13 rear cameras. Just compare the 4G Samsung mobile price in India on Amazon or Flipkart and purchase a low priced one ensuring the features of the respective camera.

Mirroring of Samsung Mobile 4G Phone with LED TV - Samsung has many amazing features and mirroring with android LED TV is one of them. So you should not focus only on low Samsung mobile price in India but exceptional features as well which can be availed absolutely free provided compared with a wide range of smart Samsung mobile 4G phones. As the motive of yours on this page is to purchase a best-priced sophisticated Samsung mobile 4G android phone equipped with amazing features, you can ignore this feature if you do not have smart LED TV at home. In case you already have the smart LED TV with Wi-Fi feature then you should select, as per your budget, an efficient smart 4G Samsung phone at low price. 

Page Buddy – An Exceptional Feature of 4G Samsung Mobile in India - As mentioned already the Samsung mobiles have been equipped with a variety of superb technical features, the Page Buddy is one of them that helps in personalizing home screen as per desire of Samsung mobile user. So while choosing one of the multi-featured smart 4G Samsung mobile phones from the list of minimum Samsung mobile price in India you should confirm that your selected Samsung mobile 4G phone is incorporated with Page Buddy as well.

Bixby - Incorporated in smart4G Samsung mobile phones this is another remarkable feature unlike Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. It follows directions through voice, text, and touches.

Samsung Pay - It is an exclusive feature incorporated with NFC in a few particular models of Samsung mobile phones such as Samsung Note 5. Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung A 7 (2016/2017), Samsung A 5 and A 9 PRO. It helps in paying the outstanding bills conveniently.

Dual SIM Samsung Mobile Feature - It is a common feature incorporated in all the Samsung mobile phones in India so you do not need to look especially for this feature. This feature enables the users to use one SIM as default SIM for making calls while another one default SIM  for the internet.