Behrouz Coupons and Offers

Coupons and Offers

If you are looking for some royal taste then biryani should be your very first choice! There is a short tale behind this unique and ancient dish. There was a kingdom in Persia which gained popularity because of its layered rice recipe which was served to masses on all festive occasions. This online biryani store is named after this. You can buy biryani by kilo (in large quantity) and meat used is completely halal and clean.

You just need to visit website type the city where you are calling or you can directly call them on their landline number. As per their refund policy the refund will be credited within 7-8 days. You need to check website and read payment, delivery. Ordering and  Service norms before placing the order.

But if you are madly in love with this spicy recipe then this online store can promise you variations.

So try this once !