YSR (Your Selling Rate) Calculator


Excellent - Rs. 24,531
Good - Rs. 22,446
Average - Rs. 20,852

YourSearch YSR User Guide

What is YSR?

YSR is your selling rate. Basically yoursearch wanted to make the sellers to know their products market value so that they can get the best price. The basic idea of YSR is to bridge the gap between both sellers and buyers as they are unsure about what the reasonable price should be and so very often the transaction value ends up being lower or higher.

How is the YSR calculated?

The YSR Calculator works using a special algorithm designed by yoursearch internal team. It uses various data points to arrive at a resale price for used goods across categories.

Terms & Conditions for using YSR

Yoursearch YSR calculator has been designed to help sellers arrive at reasonable resale price for their goods. But, these are only indicative prices and there is no guarantee that sellers will get the exact prices mentioned. The actual price that sellers will finally get depends on various things including the condition of the product, availability for it etc. Yoursearch has no control over these variables.