Flipkart is hosting its mega sale in this festive season i.e. Big billion days. It is a masterstroke every season they play to allure the potential customers and they specifically target the mobile phone market. These Flipkart mobile phone offers are a way to increase the sales and Indian customers has a trend of being hyper active during the Diwali season. People have an alacrity to buy stuff off during this time frame as it is considered to be auspicious

Deals on Mobile

Best of the Best offers on Flipkart

Flipkart has a wide range offers on the various products like tablets, heavy electronics, smartphones etc but there are a few offers on Flipkart which can outshine the rest of the market. These deals will probably will be marked like “crazy deals” and limited time deals. It is the best way to ensure that you will get the best of the best offers either in electronics or smartphone. As I have already cleared that the Flipkart mobile phone offers are the one thing to grab customers can also sign up for the various other programs like Flipkart plus in which customers can get early access to all the promotional sales.

The Amazon great Indian sale vs Flipkart Big Billion days

The Flipkart’s arch enemy in the online sales market also hosts one of their own sales for the festive season that is Amazon great Indian sale. The biggest benefit of having competitors in the online sales market is that because even though Flipkart mobile phone offers are great but now customers can compare and buy which is beneficial for them. These sales are virtually the same but the margins can be different between the various products by offering more or less discount to the customers. The market wars start between these two competitors during this season and it is beneficial for the customers only. Both of these companies will try to get a stronger foothold in the online market and increase their sales cap during the season. They will both them continue to target the specific market of smartphones. To give an example Xiaomi latest Redmi Note 5 Pro got an attractive price drop of Rs 2000 during the big billion days which further boost their sales and now it is available for just Rs 12,999. Likewise in response that Amazon is releasing a lot of China only products in the Indian market and reduced the price of Xiaomi Redmi Y2 price during their great Indian Sale.

Amazon Sales vs Flipkart Sales

The Indian craze for smartphone

The reachable and purchasing power of an Indian common has boosted several folds; as the reforms of the Indian government goes on the average Indian is able to hold the smartphone in his hands. A necessity which is started as a novelty at first has a very bumpy ride along the course of the Indian market. As the Chinese smartphone manufactures came to India the smartphone market grew exponentially. The Flipkart mobile phone offers is just a drop in a myriad of the seas of various offers. When the various online retailers entered the market they started to host these sales which tore the sales chart. There are offers on Flipkart mobiles on all smartphones and also there are things like Flipkart mobile offer of the day which makes purchasing these smartphones more accessible.

Various things which are needed to be considered before buying

There are various factors which are first needed to be considered before even consider to buy something off the shelf of these retailers.

1) Compare as much as you can:- It is an obvious one but the biggest one which is needed to be considered compare between all the offers which is given buy the different retailers. The flipkart mobile phone offers  many discounts but look towards others also.

2) Include the Miscellaneous Cost:- If you are buying something just look towards various other cost which is needed. The biggest one is the shipping costs which is considerable fact.

The dying market of the tablets

There are many Top Deals in Mobile Phones & tablets at Big Billion Day Sales and the Flipkart also there are many mobile phone offers and people actually buy these tablet computers which is now on the constant decline. There are many things which make these tablets easier to buy like Flipkart offer on tablets and this kind of stuff can help in the tablet market afloat in the Indian subcontinent. The deals on tablets on Flipkart are the one way that even though tablets are on the decline but still they have a presence.


So all in all in this festive season there is a ton of options for shopping in this Diwali season. All the customers should make an informed decision and buy the right things.

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